About Us

Cooperativa Agricola Cosmoflora

Our Company, Cooperativa Agricola Cosmoflora, is located in the bottom of Valnervia, the valley of the most important production of Ruscus.

From over 15 years Ruscus is our main item.
We have more than 50 producers of Ruscus, some of them grow Ruscus for over 30 years.

Our Company is specialized in shipments od Ruscus to all countries, especially by flights to USA and Japan.
Ruscus is a cyclic cultivation.
The complete cycle of Ruscus is 12 months and because of this we can have Ruscus all year round.
The cycle of Ruscus begins in late June, when come the new stems of Ruscus that last up the growth of the new Ruscus, the following year.
Ruscus is an ornamental green, very elegant and, once picked, has a long life, if stored adeguately.